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New England/Northwest

Why did you decide to become a GP?

I decided to become a GP because I want to be a good all-round doctor. I want to know how to manage a wide variety of problems, and you lose that if you only specialise in one thing.

I chose to become a rural generalist, because I think you get the best of both worlds; a great and flexible lifestyle and a career that is challenging, stimulating and rewarding.

Why did you decide to train in the New England/Northwest region?

I had to transfer from the North Coast region because there were no positions available where I could keep up my anaesthetic skills as well as do GP training.

I wanted to find a place that provided enough anaesthetic experience for me to be comfortable in keeping up-to-scratch with the skills I gained during my anaesthetics training.

What are you enjoying about GP community-based training?

I’m excited about providing continuity of care; getting to know patients and seeing them through from the first presentation of a problem, to diagnosis, treatment and follow up. You don’t get to do that in most other areas of medicine.

I’m also enjoying expanding my knowledge of managing common, everyday problems that people face.

What do you like about training in Moree?

I’m looking forward to getting the most out of training that I can, so far, it’s both a lot more challenging but also more rewarding than I expected!

The opportunity I have in Moree is unique, in that I can provide anaesthetics, cover the ED, manage inpatients in the hospital, see nursing home patients as well as spend time in GP land.

It seems like the perfect training ground for becoming the good all-round doctor that I want to be.

Also, the artesian hot water is pretty cool!

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