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Murrumbidgee & ACT

Why did you decide to become a GP?

I love the concept of being able to practice in a community and to look after my patients through every stage of their life from preconception to pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

You never know what will come through the door, but it is rewarding to know you have the skills to help whatever it will be, and to be able to get help when people need specialist care.

Why did you choose to train in the Murrumbidgee & ACT region?

The time that I’ve been here has allowed me to develop local knowledge of specialists and systems. It made sense to stay and utilise that local knowledge as I move into the next part of my training.

Wagga Wagga has a wonderful sense of community. It has all the amenities of a larger city without the stressors and it is so accessible to major cities, snow fields and much, much more.

It’s a great place to be raising a family.

What have you enjoyed about starting GP training?

The variety of presentations in my day – I’m doing antenatal care, skin excisions, musculoskeletal medicine all in the space of an hour.

I’m enjoying the quality and variety of medical education for GPs in the Murrumbidgee area, and I’m delighted to be part of such a caring, patient and dynamic practice that is encouraging my education and learning.

What have been the challenges?

I’ve found time management challenging – working with ‘the shopping list’ that some patients present with and managing that in the allocated consultation time.

It’s also confronting billing people for your time and feeling comfortable with the value of you work!

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