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New England/Northwest

Why did you decide to become a GP?

I was working as a pharmacist, when my father became ill I decided I wanted to do more.

I completed my medical degree and I wanted to get out there and become a GP so that I could improve outcomes for the average Australian.

Why do you aspire to be a rural GP?

I had previously worked in South East Queensland, Toowoomba and Brisbane and I’ve vowed I will never live in a city again because I don’t like the traffic and spending an hour driving to work.

If you look at the lifestyle between the city and the country, I don’t understand wanting to live in a city.

It’s much more rewarding working in the country. Walking along the street in Tamworth I would see lots of people that I knew, it’s a nice feeling and you don’t get that in the city.

I was warned that Inverell people are very friendly and that has been case!

Why did you choose to train in New England/Northwest?

I moved from Queensland to study at the University of New England.

Before moving to Inverell, I had lived in Tamworth for five years and completed my first year of GP training there.

Why did you choose an Aboriginal health training post?

I deliberately sought out an Aboriginal health training post.

I wanted to get exposure to all facets of medicine and there were also deficits in my learning in respect to dermatology. My supervisor is an expert in dermatology. I thought if I can couple learning from her and getting exposure to Aboriginal health that is going to be a big win for me.

It’s a really good learning experience.

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