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When Dr Maelle Morgan moved to Moree for her GP training, she only expected to stay for two years, five years later, she is a qualified GP and GP supervisor who can’t imagine living anywhere else. Watch her video to learn more about working and living in New England/Northwest, and her My GP Story (below) from when she was a third term GP registrar.  

Dr Maelle Morgan

Originally from the Gold Coast, Dr Maelle Morgan has been undertaking her GP training in Moree within the New England/Northwest training subregion, it’s been an experience she would recommend to other registrars. 

The diversity of medicine Dr Morgan sees in general practice is enhanced by working as a visiting medical officer at the Moree District Hospital.

“I love working in general practice and the hospital. Working in the hospital makes a huge difference to a patient’s continuity of care, I can see someone in practice, admit them to hospital and discharge them back to the practice.

“I’m working in emergency – I see motor vehicle accidents, machinery accidents, snake bites in summer (they’ll generally come in a run and there might be one a week for a few weeks) and red back spider bites.

“Similarly, with older people I’ve seen them in general practice then continue to see them once they’ve gone into the nursing home. Each GP probably has 10-15 residents that are in the local nursing home. I also like that I see all their family as well in practice,” she said.

Now in her GPT3 term Dr Morgan will be staying in Moree to complete her extended skills term.

“I’ve been lucky to stay in Moree for all my training, as I was the only female GP in town I was able to apply to stay here for my training,” she said.

Dr Morgan definitely recommends training in a rural location, and in particular Moree.

“Moree is rural and remote while still being central, there are daily flights to Sydney and Brisbane and they’re only an hour. It’s also not too far to drive to Brisbane.

“My family visit all the time, there is a fantastic golf course here in Moree, so my mum is here every month to play golf. And there is also the hot springs.

“My dad visits often as well, and brings his boat. Since being here I’ve also gone water skiing for the first time, one of the local dieticians asked me along.

“There is tonnes of stuff to do in and around Moree – since we’ve been here we’ve got a dog, a caravan and a 4WD – so we go travelling on weekends,” she said.

Working in a rural post Dr Morgan finds there’s a great comradery, and it’s not just amongst the GPs but amongst all the health workers in town.

“In town there are 10 GPs and everyone knows each other, we’ve all got each other’s mobile numbers and we can contact anyone at any time.

“There are five GP registrars here at the moment and we all love it,” she said.

If you would like to know more about Moree, or other locations in New England/Northwest, visit our town profiles.

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