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Murrumbidgee & ACT

Dr Jessica Nathan is completing her GP training in a not-for-profit, member owned co-operative that provides affordable medical and healthcare services to the communities where it operates.

“Affordable health care is something I’m really passionate about.

“I worked here in the co-op for 12 months then I spent six months in a private practice and now I’m back here.

“When I left here I remember patients saying they wouldn’t be able to afford to see me in the in private practice, that was something I thought about in deciding to finish my training at the co-op.

“I love the community feel of being a GP – being in a metropolitan area I definitely still get that community feel working in the co-op,” Dr Nathan said.

While undertaking her hospital training it was the continuity of care that Dr Nathan knew was missing.

“I love the continuity of care as a GP, in the hospital you would only see patients when they were really sick.

“It’s also the diversity – being a GP you can specialise while maintaining your general medical knowledge.

“I love women’s and children’s health, and mental health and I see a lot of those things in this practice.

“There’s even a difference in practices, when I was in private practice I did more geriatric medicine,” she said.

Dr Nathan is approaching the end of her training, and being a GP is something she would recommend.

“I’ve had beautiful practices with great supervisors and I’ve been really well supported – if I need to debrief after a challenging consultation I have a great supervisor who I can debrief with,” she said.

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