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Western NSW

Why did you decide to become a rural GP?

Initially I studied medical science at Sydney Uni, and then went onto study medicine there.

I did work experience at Walcha [an hour’s drive east of Tamworth]. That was when I first thought about what a rural GP does, I liked that the doctor saw patients in the practice, worked in the hospital and would also go to the nursing home; I liked the variety.

What do you like about being rural GP?

I really enjoy the scope of work. You’re definitely part of the community. You don’t have that anonymous feeling – it comes with being part of a smaller community.

I would highly recommend being a rural GP. I recommend coming out and trying it to see if you like it.

Why did you decide to acquire procedural skills to become a rural GP Obstetrician?

I asked my supervisor what the town needed, he said obstetrics, so I decided to study obstetrics.

At first I hated it, I found it terrifying, but now it’s my favourite part of medicine.

As an obstetrics GP I deliver babies. There is no way in Sydney a GP would deliver babies. I’m able to provide antenatal care, I deliver the baby, provide neonatal care and go onto to provide paediatric care. There is great continuity that you could only get being a rural specialist GP.

What’s it like living in Mudgee?

There is so much on offer in Mudgee, it’s a fantastic place to live.

We’re living just out of town, we’ve just bought a place and we’re settling in, it’s been great.

There are no traffic lights, I can get from home to work in five minutes. Sometimes I can get home to see my wife and kids for lunch. If you’re in the city you don’t experience that – you’d be missing out.

Friends visit us and we take them to wineries – they love it. There are great cafés and restaurants, and there are good local sporting communities.

It’s a top spot to come to.

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