Dr Anna Windsor - GP Synergy

Dr Anna Windsor

Western NSW

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For Dr Windsor there are definite parallels between being an athlete and a GP.

“I think what made me a good athlete and now as a GP and Regional Head of Education, is that as an athlete you need to learn time management and efficiency.

“While I competed individually you also need to be part of a team – just like being a GP,” she said.

As Regional Head of Education Dr Windsor leads a medical education team responsible for delivering a high-quality GP education and training program that meets the needs of communities in Western NSW.

“I cover an area from Bathurst and Mudgee to Broken Hill and Bourke.

“Yesterday I was at Broken Hill for the day sitting in on a clinical training day, it’s a privilege – although I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like,” Dr Windsor said.

Her own experience as a GP in Orange means Dr Windsor, knows first-hand the benefits of working and living in a rural area.

“I love everything about living in Orange – I grew up in Orange and left at 15 because of swimming – going back as a junior doctor there was such a wonderful spirt working there, a real collegial spirit.

“As a GP I’m honoured that people share their stories with me – sometimes it’s the first time they’ve shared their story with anyone, not even a loved one.

“People also trust you to facilitate the change to help them. It’s a real gift and responsibility,” she said.

Dr Windsor recommends giving being a rural GP a go, the great skills to be learnt aren’t the only benefit.

“The work-life balance and enjoyment I get, I wouldn’t get in any other area of medicine.

“There’s also the variety, it’s not boring that’s for sure,” she said.

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