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Dr Vivianne Xia

Central, Eastern & South Western Sydney

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Tell us a little bit about your background

I competed my medical studies at the University of Sydney and worked in Western Sydney during internship and residency. Prior to medicine, I studied music at the Conservatorium.

Why did you decide to become a GP? 

Being able to care for families and forming relationships over many years is something that I greatly appreciate about the role of a GP. The diversity and flexibility make each day enjoyable.

What attracted you to undertake an academic component to your training? 

It is a great opportunity to learn, develop academic skills combined with teaching and clinical work.

What is your research project about? 

My project will be looking at people who take medications for chronic disease and exploring whether drinking alcohol can affect medication taking habits.

What was your motivation for the project? 

I’m interested in chronic disease and understanding factors which impact on treatment.

Is your research project part of a larger research project or stand-alone research?

This is a stand-alone research project.

What do you see as the benefits, both to yourself, and generally, of undertaking an academic component in your GP training? 

Since daily clinical decisions we make are evidence based, it’s a valuable opportunity to learn more about the research process. Getting involved in education also helps me to become a better teacher and learner.


To learn more about undertaking an academic post visit our Academic research page.


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