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Dr Thompson Do

North Coast

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Dr Thompson Do has relocated to Port Macquarie for his GP training, he has found the town welcoming and is enjoying the lifestyle that being a rural GP registrar offers (plus he is finding a lot of fun in general practice).

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada and came to the University of Sydney in 2015 to study medicine. Since then, I have met my wife (also a GP reg), gotten a dog (Insta: Alvie.theCorgi), and bought a house to settle down here in Port Macquarie.

What did you choose to become a GP?

I knew I wanted to be a GP early on during medical school after doing my GP rotation. I found I was interested in a lot of subjects, and the breadth of illness and patient types in GP practice really fit what I was looking for.

Why did you choose to train on the Australian General Practice Training Program?

The AGPT program was an obvious choice for me as it provided the most direct route to doing what I wanted. The training is also recognised world-wide therefore even if/when I decide to move back to Canada, the training will be recognised there.

What are you most enjoying about GP training?

Although the long term relationships and trust you build with your regular patients are nice, I have to say the lifestyle is what I love the most right now.

We work regular hours, with the option of seeing more/less patients as needed/viable. I get the independence to manage my own patients with a supervisor one phone call away, always happy to help. I also get to practice in a fun way; for example I dress up in a spiderman costume for the children’s immunisation clinics (see: Greenmeadows Medical Facebook page).

What are your long-term career plans (if you know yet)?

Long term I plan on starting a medical center with my wife and other local GPs as a means to more efficiently and affordably provide care for the community. At some point I would also like to own a McDonalds and buy a lambo, but we don’t need to mention that.

How have you found training in North Coast/Port Macquarie?

It has been amazing, Port Macquarie has been very welcoming and GP Synergy has been very supportive. The lifestyle here is unreal, I can walk my dog on the beach and watch dolphins play in the waves, I can go fishing 5 minutes from my house, I have tons of awesome cafes and restaurants to choose from. The only thing missing is a good bubble tea place (ha ha).


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