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Dr Sofia Dominguez

Murrumbidgee & ACT

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Dr Sofia Dominguez spent two years in Wagga Wagga as a medical student, and now calls Wagga Wagga home. From the friendly and welcoming GP professionals to the options for family activities, she can’t imagine leaving. 

Tell us about yourself?

My pathway into medicine and then into GP has not been linear, I have always had multiple interests and found it hard to decide what to do!

I grew up in outer Melbourne and completed an undergraduate science degree at UoM. After majoring in anatomy and physiology I wasn’t sure about committing to medicine so I commenced postgrad doctor of physiotherapy, but soon realised I was much more interested in the pathology than the rehabilitation of patients.

I moved to Sydney and spent two years there at the UNDS and completed my clinical years at the Wagga Wagga Clinical School. I always knew I wanted to live and work in a rural or regional setting and fell in love with the Riverina after living on my husband’s family farm prior to medical school. It was serendipitous that the UNDS opened their RCS to penultimate years and I was able to spend two years here as a student before graduating.

Why did you choose to become a GP?

I am not sure what my initial drive to pursue GP came from but I started medical school with the ambition of being a rural GP. I became involved with and Chaired UNDS GPSN and gained a NSW RDN Cadetship – these activities ensured I was surrounded by highly skilled, interesting GPs with a wide variety of fulfilling careers, this all contributed to my motivation.

Then as an intern and resident I developed a keen interest in general surgery and seriously considered that training pathway. I passed the surgical primary exam and was working towards a surgical career. However over time working as a Surgical SRMO I realised it was going to be very challenging to pursue other interests and maintain the balance I wanted between work, life and family as a surgeon.

I came back to my initial desire to pursue general practice as it is the only pathway that will let be combine my interests in surgery and medical education, as well support my passion for primary healthcare, personalised medicine and cradle-to-grave relationships with my patients. The shift has not been easy but I hope that it will be worthwhile in the end when I can forge my own career to feature my various medical interests.

What are you looking forward to about GP Training?

Learning from various mentors and using their skills and techniques to form my own GP style.

It is great to complete my training in one town instead of moving with my son and husband – this stability is a big drawcard for GP training!

What are your long-term career plans? 

Unsure! A combination of clinical GP, medical education/teaching, surgical assisting or possibly my own minor procedures. Also might consider some further training in emergency medicine, skin medicine or women’s health. Like I said, I like a bit of everything!

Hoping to stay right here in Wagga

What do you enjoy about training in the Murrumbidgee region?

My training has only just begun but I have lived here for 8 years. I love the Riverina and the ease of work-life balance. The friendly and welcoming GP professionals.

There is no traffic, and it’s easy to get around town in 10-15mins, and there are lots of options for families to enjoy weekend activities.

The food scene is improving!

We call Wagga Wagga home, can’t imagine leaving or living in a city again!


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