Dr Shakif Shakur - GP Synergy

Dr Shakif Shakur

Central, Eastern & South Western Sydney

  • Applied for the 2023 AGPT program?

Understanding the perceptions and attitudes of African refugee men residing in Greater Western Sydney towards sexual health, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS – an exploratory, qualitative study.

How did you come to GP training?

I completed my MBBS at Western Sydney University (WSU). After internship/residency I took a year away from clinical medicine to pursue interests in public health and medical education. I commenced GP training in 2019.

Why did you decide to become a GP?

I enjoy the variety of patient presentations and the flexibility it offers throughout training and fellowship.

What attracted you to undertake an academic component to your training?

An academic post allows for a good mix of clinical medicine with teaching and research. This is a great opportunity to undertake a research project from start to finish and build strong connections with other GP academics.

What is your research project about?

I’ll be exploring the attitudes of refugee men towards certain men’s health issues in the Western Sydney region.

What was your motivation for the project?

I’m interested in refugee health, and I noticed that there was a paucity of literature on this topic area.

Is your research project part of a larger research project or a stand-alone research?

This is a stand alone research project that I hope will add to the wealth of knowledge that’s previously been offered by WSU academics.

What do you see as the benefits, both to yourself and generally, of undertaking an academic component in your GP training?

This is an excellent opportunity to hone research skills and a great platform for entering the academic sphere. I hope to benefit wider communities through future academic endeavours.


If you want to know more about undertaking an academic placement, head to our academic research page.

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