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Western NSW

Tell us about your background

I grew up in Canberra and did a science degree there, moved to Sydney to work for a pharmaceutical company, met a man and got accepted to medical school in Brisbane, so we moved up there.

That’s where I did my medical school and junior doctor years and we stayed up there for as long as it took for the two of us to get our training done so that we could set ourselves up to be able to go rural and to live anywhere.

Why did you choose obstetrics?

Obstetrics chose me, I loved it from the moment I did it as a medical student, it was the specialty in medicine that I gravitated most naturally towards. I did the John Flynn placement as a student and worked with a GP obstetrician and thought that’s what I want to do.

This is it for me, I love looking after the ladies through their pregnancies, being there for the birth of their babies and then watching the babies grow up. The babies that I delivered a year ago are now all turning one and having their birthdays and they’re walking and talking and doing all those wonderful things and I think it won’t be long before their mothers have ideas about having a second baby.

What greater privilege could there be? In GP obstetrics, if you get a cough or a cold or a runny nose in your pregnancy, I’ve got it, if you get depressed, I’ve got it, if you fall over and hurt your knee, I’ve got that too.

What made you want to go rural?

Good question, neither of us are from rural towns, but the two of us had always loved country music and just that country way of life, more relaxed, less pressured way of life. We just took the time in the city to get all the bits and pieces together that we needed so that we could be ready.

Country music is how we got together. We met online, on one of those internet dating sites. When you live in Sydney it’s hard to meet people. I was scrolling through all the profiles and they would say I like all music, except country. Then finally there was this fellow who said he liked country music and I thought I’ll have to email him, and here we are married for 10 years with three kids and living happily ever after.

Would you recommend Mudgee to registrars as a place to train?

Most definitely, this has the ultimate mix of medicine available, there’s emergency, there’s anaesthetics, there’s obstetrics, there’s general practice, there’s all the bits and pieces within general practice, all the different sub-specialties. Here at Mudgee Medical Centre there’s someone interested in cosmetic medicine, there’s someone interested in skin cancer, some of us who do women’s health, some who do children’s health. There is whatever you’re interested in in medicine.

What about as a place to live?

Absolutely fantastic, we’ve got three great schools to choose from for the kids, we’ve got an amazing lifestyle, with your choice of winery to go and enjoy and taste on the weekends, live music, lots of festivals – non-stop festivals, lots of playgrounds and water parks. Lots of different choices for restaurants.


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