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Western NSW

Training in Western NSW, Dr Rosie Nielsen has found herself supported by passionate supervisors who have inspired her to become an holistic and capable GP.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up 115 km west of Bourke on a sheep and cattle property. I did school of the air before going away to boarding school and I eventually studied medicine at UNE in Armidale.

Why did you decide to become a GP?

It wasn’t a straight-forward decision. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, in my first year out of high school I went jillarooing on a cattle station in the Kimberley. I then went to Sydney Uni and studied law and Indigenous health, but before I finished that degree I moved to Armidale to study medicine.

I decided to study medicine in order to be a GP. I wanted to do something that would enable me to work in Western NSW, and in rural and indigenous health.

What do you like best about training in Western NSW?

Training in Western NSW I enjoy the range and depth of medical presentations. Also, the passionate supervisors who have a real interest in teaching and inspiring you to become holistic, capable doctors with an interest in staying the country.

Would you recommend Dubbo as a place to live and train?

Dubbo is the best of both worlds for living and training. It’s the gateway to Far Western NSW and rural/remote medicine, it has a large population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with complex medical conditions.

At the same time, Dubbo is easily accessible to Sydney with lots of trendy things starting to happen in town.

Do you have any tips for doctors thinking about rural GP training?

I can’t imagine that you would regret it. If you are thinking that GP training may be mundane compared to the hospital – that’s not the case, particularly in rural areas!

There is so much opportunity to try different things and integrate other aspects of medicine into your general practice career.


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