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New England/Northwest

Dr Kyaw: To be honest, I didn’t expect to do so well in the AKT. I felt that I would pass, but it was quite a surprise when I realised my score.

I regularly studied over the phone with my friend from Darwin. I would suggest listening to advice from your medical educators – Donna (Dr Donna Quinn, GP Synergy Senior Medical Educator) recommended I study the eTG and I found it very useful. Another important thing is to do practice exam questions from RACGP and GP Synergy.

I’m loving GP training. The best part is that I get to make important clinical decisions while knowing that help from supervisors is just a phone call or a knock on their door away.

Rural training is the best in many ways, you see a mix of interesting presentations that you may not necessarily come across in city practice.

In towns like Moree and Quirindi, there are admitting rights to local hospital where you can continue caring for your regular patients. Good continuity of care – it’s a whole package.

I like the idea of being able to give long term care to patients and providing individualised and holistic care to people in a community as well as the prospect of a good work life balance. I look up to my mother who is a GP in Myanmar – all those factors made me choose GP training.

Dr Saad: I have been a GP in rural areas for 10 years. My journey as a rural GP started in Baradine, far western NSW in 2008, where I was the solo GP, on call 24 hours 7 days a week.

I moved to Quirindi in 2013, and started here as a solo GP.

I’ve always been passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge with other doctors.

When I realised Quirindi needed more services and doctors, I accredited the surgery with GP Synergy. Since 2013/2014, we’ve had many registrars who’ve passed their exams, and are now fellows. Many of them have chosen to stay on at the surgery.

It’s important for local communities that GPs supervise registrars, supervisors play an important role in strengthening the link between patients and registrars.

I’m very proud of all my registrars who became fellows, Dr Kyaw has made us feel very proud and privileged to have him on board at the surgery and in Quirindi.

I was in emergency when I found out about his score – I started telling the nursing staff about my registrar and his results – it was a very nice feeling of happiness and success.

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