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Western NSW

Why did you decide to become a GP?

Medicine has always been a passion of mine. After having completed my undergraduate training and residency, I did emergency medicine and then took up GP training as I found this a more fulfilling career.

General practice appealed to me as it provides care at a primary level embracing a holistic approach.

The flexibility of hours also interested me as I had two young kids at the time.

It is a very rewarding career in medicine.

Why did you choose procedural GP training in Western NSW?

Being a rural registrar, one is exposed to multiple challenges and I was very keen to pursue skills in procedural or non-procedural training with the intention of gaining extra skills in a chosen field.

I chose Western NSW as my family were living in this region.

I intend continuing my work in Western NSW as I have been living in this area for the past six years and have enjoyed working in this region.

Why did you decide to undertake ARST in mental health?

The ARST is a great opportunity for GP registrars wanting exposure in the rural region. During my practice terms I was exposed to many people with mental illness, mostly young adults. Hence the need to upskill myself in mental health.

Bloomfield Hospital (Orange) where I’m currently working offers training in child and adolescent, adult and older persons mental health, which has been a great opportunity for me.

What are you enjoying about training in mental health?

I enjoy all areas of mental health – especially working in child and adolescent mental health. These vulnerable young people need support in the rural community and I found working with them, although challenging to be very rewarding.

It has been a great learning curve for me and I’m looking forward to using these skills in the community.



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