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Wanting to learn more about Aboriginal health and culture, Dr Glendon Inkster’s training in Aboriginal health has included outreach and community-based activities making the experience rewarding and always interesting.

Why did you decide to train in an Aboriginal community controlled health service?

I wanted to learn more about Aboriginal health as well as culture. I saw it as a great experience to learn more about managing chronic disease. After building relationships with my patients I found that I really enjoyed the work, so I decided to stay on for two more terms.

What do you enjoy about training in Aboriginal health?

I feel like I can have more of an impact working in an Aboriginal medical service than I can at a mainstream practice. There is so much complexity in the health of some of my patients as well as plenty of undiagnosed conditions. I find it very rewarding since the changes you make can have such a large impact on your patient’s day-to-day life.

Why do you think training in Aboriginal health is important?

The life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians remains high. The goals set out by close the gap have not come close to being achieved.

Training in Aboriginal health allows you to be a part of the solution and I think that is important.

Would you recommend working in an Aboriginal community controlled health service to other registrars?

My experience at the Aboriginal medical service has been very positive. The working hours have been very flexible and have given me lots of time to study for exams. I have had the opportunity to work in outreach clinics which is a change of environment and keeps me interested.

There are lots of activities outside of work. These have included a cooking contest, lawn bowls, education talks with visiting specialists that always includes dinner and drinks, and plenty more.

How have you found working/living in Moree?

Working in Moree has been enjoyable. People are very hospitable and kind.

The aquatic centre is great for swimming, exercising and hitting the hot baths. There are also some awesome hikes nearby.

Would you recommend working in Moree to other registrars?

Yes, the people are great, there’s lots of activities to keep you busy. If you are interested in getting VMO opportunities at the hospital that is also an option. There is also an airport with regular flights to Sydney.


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