Learn more about our assessment approach - GP Synergy

Learn more about our assessment approach

A programmatic approach to assessment is widely regarded as best practice in medical education and is now specifically recommended in the standards of the AMC and both GP colleges. GP Synergy’s introduction of programmatic assessment in 2020, was impacted by challenges including Covid-19, consequently the assessment program has been modified, but the approach remains programmatic.

Multisource feedback (MSF)

Feedback from patients and colleagues is widely used in medical education and professional development. It is well recognised that feedback from patients, non-medical practice staff, and others can provide important insights into a registrar’s attributes and performance. In this way, MSF helps doctors get an understanding of how others have perceived a consultation or participation in the practice and then promotes a registrars’ reflection on their performance enabling changes for improvement. More detailed information about MSF can be found on GPRime, by using this link or searching using Forms, Documents and Links.

ACRRM registrars will continue with the Client Focused Evaluations Program (CFEP) survey through ACRRM.

Patients of full time RACGP GPT1 registrars will be asked to complete the Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) patient survey from weeks 13 of the current term. For part-time registrars working 19 hours a week or less, the feedback will be collected in 2021.2. Practice nurses and practice managers will also be asked to provide feedback using the practice feedback form.

Reports will then be generated for registrars to discuss with their supervisor and medical educator.

Procedural skills

The procedural skills log enables registrars to know the essential procedural skills expected of a competent GP. Of the procedures in the procedural skills log, some should be acquired by the end of the first GP term and others by the end of training. There are also a number of desired procedural skills. The procedural skills log is a compulsory component of our programmatic approach to assessment.

The landing page on GPRime for Procedural skills logs and the Help Sheet have been updated. Please refer to this information and note that any assessed skills must be signed off before registrars change practices.

Mid-training and End of Training Appraisal/Review

A number of factors, including registrar feedback, have led us to not implement the proposed format of these reviews.  There will continue to be set points at which multiple sources of feedback are considered, in order to help  registrars to identify areas which need additional focus. Registrars and their MEs will undertake a comprehensive review of registrar progress around the middle of the second GP term. The final review will occur within the registrar’s subregion, rather than by a formal panel.