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Are you using SupportGPT?

What is it?

SupportGPT is an online in-practice teaching resource accessible to all supervisors and registrars. SupportGPT can be accessed via GPRime or the Medcast App on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

When planning their approach to teaching and learning both registrars and supervisors are encouraged to review the SupportGPT modules and consider which ones might be useful to use during the term.

What’s included in SupportGPT?

SupportGPT has many features:

  1. Registrar modules:There are 16 modules that can be completed by registrars prior to an in-practice teaching session, and activities that can be completed during in-practice face-to-face teaching time with their supervisor.
  2. ResourceGPT: An index of over 1300 clinical resources which are searchable and can be used in any order as problems present.

How can you access SupportGPT?

  1. Login to GPRime2
  2. Go to the ‘Quick Links’ tab in the top toolbar
  3. Select ‘SupportGPT’.

How can you find out more about using SupportGPT?

View the SupportGPT User Guide GPRime2 under ‘Forms, Documents and Links’. Just search ‘SupportGPT’.