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Are you going rural this term?

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There are a range of supports and subsidies available to registrars going rural for their training, including:

  • relocation subsidies
  • education/course subsidies
  • rural generalist/procedural course subsidies
  • Health Workforce Scholarship Program
  • Workforce Incentive Program (more details below).

Visit rural GP registrar supports and subsidies on our website for more information.

Workforce Incentive Program (WIP/GPRIP)

Please be aware there is a financial incentive available to registrars who are training in MMM3-7 locations. This payment is automatically banked into the medical practitioners’ (including GP registrars) bank account through their billings to Medicare. Please provide/update your bank account details using the Workforce Incentive Program – Doctor stream – bank account details form.

There are circumstances where the rural incentive payment does not automatically occur. Please go to NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) for more details.

For more information about this incentive, please email Kristy from the RDN via