Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Education Unit update - GP Synergy

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Education Unit update

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Health Plan 2019- 2021 has been approved and implementation is in full swing. In the plan there are strategic priorities for the Aboriginal Cultural Education Unit (ACEU) to meet whilst working closely with the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) in NSW and ACT.

Currently, the ACEU have been busy assisting with the facilitation of the Aboriginal health training days held in Armidale, Dubbo and Sydney with a number more to be held throughout the year.

Cultural Mentoring

One of the projects the ACEU have been working on with the ACCHSs is ensuring each registrar undergoing a placement within an ACCHS has access to a cultural mentor. To commence this process, in December last year, more than 50 staff from 20 ACCHSs across NSW and ACT gathered for our inaugural cultural mentor workshop in Sydney. The cultural mentors, who help GP registrars who are training in Aboriginal health, are local Elders and staff of ACCHSs. The workshop forms part of our strategy to build capacity and provide training, support and networking opportunities for cultural educators and mentors. The workshop was highly productive with inspirational speakers including Professor Bob Morgan, Professor Bronwyn Carlson and Jeff McMullen AM.

The ACEU team are now formalising the cultural mentor process and working closely with the ACCHS sector to identify and assist their respective cultural mentors in the implementation and facilitation of this new process.

GP Synergy Reconciliation Action Plan

We are in the final stages of the GP Synergy 2017-2019 Innovate RAP and as a result we have formed a RAP working group to assist in the development of the 2019-2021 Stretch RAP.

The InterACCHS Telehealth Project

This GP Synergy initiative is a pilot project run in collaboration with the Champion Advisory Development Network (CADN) involving five ACCHSs in NSW and ACT, with guidance and support from the Agency for Clinical Innovation NSW (ACI).

This project is essentially to connect NSW and ACT ACCHSs via Zoom or a suitable videoconferencing platform enhancing communication to:

  • support staff and organisational professional development
  • support continuous quality improvement program and activities
  • provide a platform for education and sharing resources.

Another key aim is to provide accessibility to culturally safe and responsive allied health and specialised services and providers who ‘bulk-bill’ or are registered with the Telehealth Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) program to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.