2020.1 Re-enrolment - GP Synergy

2020.1 Re-enrolment

Re-enrolment for the 2020.1 term will be open online via GPRime2 from 1 – 8 Oct 2019:

  • All registrars are required to re-enrol, regardless of the term type they are entering in 2020.1 This includes registrars going on leave, into hospital-based terms and Extension Awaiting Fellowship (EAF) and ADF registrars.
  • To be eligible to re-enrol, at least one assessment of placement for the 2019.1 term plus all practice logs for GP terms undertaken in 2019.1 and prior must be completed, in addition to at least the first week of logs for the current GP term (2019.2).
  • Failure to re-enrol during the re-enrolment period may result in delays to your training.
  • During the re-enrolment process you will be asked to indicate your training plans for all upcoming terms. This is used as a guide only, and registrars will be able to change/confirm their plans in each re-enrolment period.

Please contact your education coordinator if you require any assistance at any time with the re-enrolment process.

2020.1 GP term placement

The following information is important for all registrars seeking to enter a GP term in the first half of 2020, with the exception of Australian Defence Force (ADF) registrars. ADF registrars should contact their medical educator regarding 2020.1 placements.

  • If you are seeking a GP term in 2020.1, during the re-enrolment process you will be asked to rank your grouping preferences. You will also be required to indicate how you plan to meet the Department AGPT and GP Synergy TLOs during their training. Registrars can update these plans at each bi-annual re-enrolment and will have the opportunity to outline reasons supporting your TLO timing preferences which will be taken into consideration during the grouping allocation process.
  • After preferences have been reviewed, you will be notified of your allocated grouping on by 5pm on 16 Oct 2019.
  • You will be able to apply to practices advertising training vacancies in your allocated grouping on 21 Oct 2019
  • All registrars will have the opportunity to apply to Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) regardless of your grouping allocation. A list of AMS facilities in your subregion can be found in the Placement Portal on GPRime2 under group ‘X’.

Important changes for 2020.1 term placement

In response to supervisor, practice manager and registrar feedback, the following changes are being implemented for 2020.1 term placement:

  1. For 2020, GP Synergy will be trialling setting practices caps once at the start of the training year (2020.1), not every six-month term. Registrars will still need to re-apply for placements and provider numbers every six months.
  2. There will be a two-week hiatus after the term placement lists open for application in which GP Synergy will not process paperwork, to allow practices and registrars more time to consider offers. Offers can still be made during this time, and if accepted, cannot be rescinded by either the practice or the registrar.

We are also often asked if registrars can contact practices prior to placement lists opening. Registrars should take into account the following when making a decision about contacting practices:

  • Some practices may be happy to talk with registrars prior to placement lists opening, whereas others may see this as disruptive and may view applications from registrars who do so unfavourably.
  • Registrars will only know which grouping they have been allocated prior to placements opening as per the term placement timeline. This means you may be discussing options with a practice that you are not eligible to apply to.
  • Practices are only informed of how many registrars they can accept prior to the placement portal opening as per the term placement timeline. This means they will not know exactly how many positions they are able to offer for the upcoming term until this time.

Registrars are reminded that placements are only confirmed through the placement portal on GPRime. Applications outside of the portal will not be accepted.

For further information:

Term placement webinar

We will be hosting a term placement webinar to provide an overview of the term placement process including groupings, applying to practices and FAQs. The webinar will be recorded and available on GPRime.


 Please don’t hesitate to contact your local education coordinator if you require any assistance at any time.