2020.1 new term reminders - GP Synergy

2020.1 new term reminders

There are several important activities for supervisors and practices at the start of a GP term.

Day 1: Practice orientation

It is critical that all registrars are properly orientated to their new practice. You may find our practice orientation and equipment checklists a useful addition to your current orientation resources.

Week 1: Review the registrar’s Pre-Term Assessment Report

Prior to each term starting supervisors have access to their new registrar’s Pre-Term Assessment  Report (PTAR). The PTAR is a summary of a registrar’s training and ideally is reviewed by the supervisor prior to the term commencing. It includes:

  • the registrar’s contact details
  • a history of their placements
  • the results of their Pre-GP Term Assessment (PGA)
  • the competency grid and any competency assessment comments completed during previous GP community-based terms, such Clinical Teaching Visits (CTVs) and competency assessments previous supervisors.

The PTAR will appear as a pop-up in the weeks prior to term starting. It can also be accessed on an ongoing basis via the ‘Trainee Portfolio’ and clicking on the ‘Summary tab’.

Further information about how to interpret the PTAR can be found in GPRime2.

Week 1-4: Direct observation – the Initial Observation Session

Within weeks 1-4 it is now mandatory that supervisors spend time observing their new registrar’s consultations to assess their competence and any learning need areas. This is done using the Initial Observation Session (IOS) form. The IOS can also be accessed via the Quick Links and Subscriptions tab on GPRime. To complete the IOS – download the form, print it if you want to write on it or save it on your computer to type on it. Once completed and discussed with the registrar the form should then be given to the registrar to submit to GP Synergy by uploading via GPRime.

From Week 2-6: Discuss your registrar’s learning needs/learning plan and develop your supervision plan (including high risk presentations) with the registrar

Supervisors are required to support registrars in developing a learning plan in the first 2-6 weeks of the term. Assisting the registrar to develop their learning plan will include identifying in-practice learning and teaching topics and other activities that will assist the registrar to address their learning needs. Supervisors may find it useful to familiarise themselves with the SupportGPT online platform prior to discussing their registrar’s learning plan.

As part of this process supervisors also need to develop a supervision plan appropriate for the registrar, taking into consideration how to assess the registrar’s current level of competence, especially with regard to high risk or red flag areas. The aim of the supervision plan is to identify areas requiring closer supervision to optimise training and minimise the risk of adverse outcomes for patients and registrars. A supervision and teaching plan template can be found in GPRime2.

Head to the Supervisor Toolkit for more tips and resources.