2019 supervisor and practice manager feedback

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The 2019 annual GP Synergy supervisor and practice manager feedback survey attracted 536 supervisor and 391 practice manager respondents, yielding a 25% and 33% response rate respectively.

We are delighted that overall satisfaction with GP Synergy amongst supervisor respondents has improved for the third consecutive year from 74% to 80%.

Overall satisfaction with GP Synergy amongst practice managers also remains high at 86%.

Overall satisfaction with the GP Synergy supervisor EdCPD program is strong, with 74% of respondents having high to very high satisfaction with the program, and a further 24% experiencing average satisfaction with the program. 90% of respondents had indicated they had participated in the program in the last 12 months.

Whilst a much greater proportion of supervisors and practice managers are satisfied with the term placement process than dissatisfied, satisfaction with term placement processes remains variable amongst the supervisor cohort in particular. In response to this feedback and that collected via other feedback channels, GP Synergy has introduced a number of changes to the GP term placement process. We will be monitoring the effect of these changes on practices, supervisors and registrars.

An area identified in the survey for improvement was providing greater support for supervisors and practices who are training registrars experiencing difficulty. This is being investigated by our Education Committee for further action.