2019.2 Term placement update

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The deadline for practices to update registrar training vacancies for the 2019.2 term has now passed.

Next steps

  •  17 April 2019: GP Synergy is reviewing the available capacity in your subregion and may apply a cap on the number of registrars per practice or per supervisor to ensure equitable distribution across the subregion. On 17 April 2019, you will be advised of the outcomes of this review and any subsequent caps on capacity applied in your subregion. The application of these caps may affect the number of registrars your practice is able to employ.
  • 23 April 2019: Registrars can apply to practices within their assigned grouping.


  • Registrars who train up to 28 hours = 0.5 in cap.
  • Registrars who train between 28.1 hours and 38 hours = 1 in cap.
  • Registrars who will be in an EAF term will be included in the cap.
  • Registrars can spend longer than six months in a training facility if they can meet their subregion training location requirements and college requirements (i.e. RACGP requires registrars train across two practices during their training).
  • The method used to select registrars is up to the practice.
  • Applications for placements must be made through GPRime2. No other method of confirmation will be accepted.

Useful term placement resources

GPRime2 – Forms, Document and Links

There are a number of useful resources available on GPRime2 under ‘Forms, Documents and Links’ called ‘Term Placement Information for Practices’.

For assistance

Please don’t hesitate to contact your local Practice Liaison and Support Coordinator if you require any assistance at any time.