2019.2 registrar re-enrolment results - GP Synergy

2019.2 registrar re-enrolment results

Who took part?

1487 of a possible 1564 registrars participated in the survey, equating to a 95% response rate.

What were the key findings?

Registrars remain satisfied with the GP Synergy education program

  • Overall satisfaction with the education program increased to 86%, with a small 3% dissatisfied with the current education program.
  • Satisfaction with the education program in terms of quality of content, relevance and ability to provide feedback all increased with a low dissatisfaction rating of 2-3%.

Overall, registrars are satisfied with their in-practice experiences

  • Overall satisfaction with in-practice experience increased to 91% with a small 2% dissatisfied with their experience.
  • Satisfaction with in-practice factors such as amount of supervisor, teaching, support, feedback and quality of feedback also all increased, with 1-2% of respondents dissatisfied with these aspects.

Registrars’ perceptions of their interactions with GP Synergy staff are positive

  • There have been improvements in all areas of staff interaction (such as access to staff, support, quality of information provided, best needs at heart, etc) with dissatisfaction levels between 1-4%.

The majority of registrars are satisfied with the term placement process however there is some need for change

  • The proportion of registrars satisfied with the term placement process increased to 81% with 5% of registrars dissatisfied.
  • Feedback indicated there needed to be some tweaks to the term placement process which have been implemented for 2020.1:
    • Advice to registrars about contacting practices: To reduce confusion amongst registrars about whether they can contact practices in advance of placement, GP Synergy has provided clarity about this issue. The decision is up to the registrar, and registrars should take into consideration a number of factors before deciding whether to contact a practice.
    • Training Location Obligation (TLO) plans and grouping preferences: Registrars will have the opportunity to outline how they plan to meet their TLOs during training and reasons for grouping preferences at the time of re-enrolment. These reasons will be considered as part of the grouping allocation process.
    • Two-week hiatus on processing paperwork: There will be a two-week hiatus after the term placement lists open for application in which GP Synergy will not process paperwork, to allow practices and registrars more time to consider offers. Offers can still be made during this time, and if accepted, cannot be rescinded by either the practice or the registrar.
    • Practice caps set only once a year: For 2020, GP Synergy will be trialling setting practices caps once at the start of the training year (2020.1), not every six-month term. Registrars will still need to re-apply for placements and provider numbers every six months.
    • For more information on term placement changes, please see the Term Placement Handbook for Registrars.

Overall registrar’s satisfaction with GP Synergy is high

  • Overall satisfaction with GP Synergy has increased to 87% with 3% experiencing dissatisfaction.
  • 85% of registrars would recommend GP Synergy as a training provider, with 11% uncertain and 4% stating they would not.

What happens with these results?

Following each re-enrolment period, feedback results are circulated to staff and key committees including the board sub-committee – the Education Committee, as well as the Committee Overseeing Registrar Education and the Education Executive (consisting of all regional heads of education and directors of training and education). The results are discussed and reviewed at these and other meetings, with actions taken as appropriate.