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2019.2 ReCEnT timetable now available

The Registrar Clinical Encounters in Training (ReCEnT) project is a flagship general practice education and training project.

The ReCEnT project is the first of its kind to document Australian general practitioner (GP) registrars’ educational and clinical experience over time by measuring:

  • what registrars do, the types of patients and conditions they see and the management they provide
  • how registrars’ practice changes during their training.

ReCEnT is an important tool to aid reflection on practice and registrar’s reflection can be facilitated by comparing their data with that of other registrars, with that of established GPs, as well as with the registrar’s results in previous terms. Critical evaluation is encouraged:

  • Was this a typical week?
  • Are the results unexpected?
  • Am I different from other registrars? If so, why might that be?
  • Am I getting an adequate range of clinical presentations for optimal learning (and exam preparation)?
  • Do I need to reconsider any aspect of my practice?

How does ReCEnT work?

The project requires GP registrars to complete:

  • encounter forms, recording details of 60 consecutive consultations (~1-2 minutes to complete per form)
  • registrar and practice characteristic questionnaire (~5-10 minutes at a workshop)

Registrars repeat the above process in each of their three GP training terms.

GP registrars are provided with a feedback report that compares their consultations to the larger group of registrars and, in some cases, national GP data. Registrars are strongly advised to discuss this information with their supervisors and their medical educators. If registrars provide consent, a copy of their report will be sent directly to supervisors. Feedback reports are accessible in GPrime by Medical Educators and we recommend discussion of feedback reports at Training Advice contacts or via email.

When a training practice has had at least five registrar rounds of ReCEnT data, the supervisor and practice manager will receive an annual practice report. The practice report enables supervisors and practice managers to see the clinical exposure of the practice’s registrars as well as aspects of their clinical and education practice. The report also provides comparisons with other training practices. At least five registrar rounds of data per practice report are used so that individual registrars are not identifiable in the report and provides a more valid comparison with other practices.

2019.2 ReCEnT Timetable

If you have any questions about the overall project, please contact Parker Magin on 02 8321 4540 or by email: Parker_Magin@gpsynergy.com.au.

If you have any questions about receiving or handing back your ReCEnT packs, please contact Katie Mulquiney on 02 8321 4242 or by email: Katie_Mulquiney@gpsynergy.com.au.