2014 GPET Convention - GP Synergy

2014 GPET Convention

Several GP Synergy staff will be presenting at the upcoming GPET Convention in Brisbane, contributing to a diverse and rich conference program.

We are also delighted that a large number of GP Synergy supervisors and practice managers are able to join us at the conference as part of their professional development.

Presentations by GP Synergy staff include:

– Benchmarking GP Registrar Competency; The Implementation Phase of a New Competency Assessment Tool, A/Prof Rosa Canalese

Exploring the Role of Cultural Mentor, Val Dhalstrom

Partnering up for exam preparation, Dr Vanessa Moran

GP Synergy partnership with universities: Mentoring medical students through their research journey, Dr Rula Ali and Kate Froggatt

The Mentorship Program: Inspiring partnerships between registrars at GP Synergy, Dr Akanksha Chandra

“Where is your medical information home?” – An analysis of medical information sources used by GP registrars, Dr James Best

Partnership breakdown: an analysis of a single RTPs experience with registrar resignations and terminations with a view to prevention, Ralph Belshaw

What if we think we’re right when in fact we could be wrong? Felicity Gemmell-Smith